About Laurie Hooker-Davison

Author Laurie Hooker-Davison earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Eastern Illinois University. She teaches at-risk youth for an alternative education program in Illinois. She went into teaching hoping to make a difference in the lives of her students with offerings of Shakespeare, Milton, and the great American novelists. Instead she found herself teaching sex ed., abstinence classes, character education, and, of course, English. Having the courage to reach her students on their level was the biggest challenge for her in the beginning of her teaching career 14 years ago, but a challenge she accepted; therefore, she learned more from her students than they learned from her. She understands their hopes and dreams because her biggest dream growing up was to become a songwriter. However, she became a teacher in order to spend time with her two children during the summer months when they were out of school. She put aside her goal of earning a living by writing and focused on paying the bills and raising her kids. As a child, Laurie was part of a large family by today’s standards. She was the youngest of six children, with two older sisters and three older brothers. This gave her a front-row seat to a lot of action, both good and bad. Laurie grew up in Mattoon, Illinois. She has lived in Colorado and Florida and then settled back down in Illinois. She now lives in Toledo, Illinois, with her husband, Jeff. She has two grown children. Her daughter Dusty is an RN, and her son Dakota is in the military. Between her job and two very interesting kids, she will have ideas for books for years to come. The students she works with give her insight into the youth of today. They inspire her to write. She feels teenagers are interesting creatures. She believes they all have a story to tell and that often people have a negative connotation of them. In Sydney we see a story of three unplanned pregnancies and three very different outcomes. We also see that teenagers have been doing a lot of the same things for decades.
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